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who are we?

everydayFUERTE was created by two young ladies, Sarah Flores & Amell Feliz, that graduated from the FUERTE program in the Spring of 2016. Before the program came to its 10th, and last, week, the students of the FUERTE program were broken out into teams and were asked to fulfill a project.  One of the prompts was to create a "guidebook" on how to empower young Latinas starting in the corporate world.  Sarah and Amell took the creative approach of building a website that would allow them, and future FUERTE generations, to stretch their imagination and produce innovative and current content! The website was presented to the board of directors of Latinas On The Plaza and the rest was history.

The purpose of this website is to continue to serve our readers as a digital guidebook with a mission to inspire and empower young, professional Latinas in the workplace. We recognize the cultural barriers that Latinas face on the job and we aim to provide support and resources to overcome cultural barriers to ultimately promote the rise of Latina leadership.  At everydayFUERTE we want to help create a world where Latinas fully participate in shaping our future by bringing together career and passion in all aspects of life. 

Most of our content reflects the key skills taught in the FUERTE program and which we believe are the adversities for Latinas to stay FUERTE (strong) including, but not limited to:

  • Integrity
  • Mentorship / Support groups
  • Thinking on your feet
  • Taking direction
  • Teamwork
  • Grit
  • Confidence
  • Weapons of leadership
  • Combat skills for the workplace
  • Trust skills
  • Personal branding
  • Business etiquette
  • Work/life balance
  • Education
  • Workplace hierarchy
  • Healthy eating
  • Fitness

Our goal is to bring our readers a great variety of original and curated information from seasoned, Latina executives and guest writers from all types of industries and professional backgrounds to bring you powerful, success stories. 

Learn more about what FUERTE can do for you and discover how you can become the best version of yourself - personally and professionally!





fuerte graduate

Sarah A. Flores

Sarah is a Client Manager at cleverbridge – a global e-commerce organization that provides subscription billing solutions that digital goods and services companies need to sell their products online.  After spending over a decade working in various departments within the company, Sarah knows what truly drives her clients’ conversions, and what complexities can be reduced in order to expand into new markets and increase revenue while building long-lasting, global relationships.

In addition to her extensive e-commerce background, Sarah dedicates most of her free time to being a mentor with FUERTEAIM High, and any volunteer or non-profit opportunities that allow her to continue to evolve personally and professionally.  She has an insane passion for travel and being able to exercise her creative muscle within the social media marketing realm as a hobby. 

Sarah landed coverage on the Latinas On The Plaza Influence Blog - How I Became A Global Leader in 30 Days with FUERTE



Roosevelt University, Chicago
BA, International Studies, 2015


Client Manager
cleverbridge, Inc.


Activities & Affiliations

  • FUERTE Graduate, 2015 & Alumni Board Chair
  • AIM High Mentor
  • Mujeres de HACE Graduate, 2015
  • Travel, culture, photography, social media

Favorite Quote

"You get in life what you have the courage to ask for."



FUERTE graduate

Amell Feliz

Amell Feliz is an HR Professional at Advantage xPO.  Her focus is to improve development strategies to maximize organizational excellence. With her 6 year tenure at xPO, Amell understands that identifying and streamlining potential hiring barriers before problems arise, will increase revenue and create empowered teams that serve our clients.

In addition to her HR background, Amell is profoundly moved by helping and empowering other women. She firmly believes in paying it forward to the people around her and her community. Her dedication to help others has pushed her to be involved in various non-profit opportunities where she continues to give back the knowledge she has gained throughout her professional career.



The Chicago School of Professional Psychology
Master of Arts in Business Psychology, 2015


HR Project Supervisor
Advantage xPO

Activities & Affiliations

  • Alpha Delta Rho Multicultural Sorority
  • FUERTE Graduate, 2015 & Alumni Board Co-Chair
  • Mujeres de HACE Graduate, 2015

Favorite Quote

If you can dream it, you can do it. - Walt Disney