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Girls should never be afraid to be smart
— Emma Watson

Education is one major barrier Latinas face.  Family for Latinas is extremely important.   They often experience lack of support from parents.  They are expected to take care of their sisters, brothers, parents and help their extended family.   Obligations in the home and to their family members may affect Latinas’ decision of whether or not to obtain a higher education.   As much as many Latinas would like to fully focus on their education the lack of support and housework makes it more difficult for Latinas to persuade a career.

Recent studies have shown that Latina students with a higher level of family support feel more confident in obtaining an education.  Family support systems enforce higher levels of confidence for students.

Financial issues are another problem Latinas face once they decide to pursue an education.  Most families cannot afford to help their children financially.  If they cannot rely on their parents for help and cannot get scholarships or financial aid, it would not be possible for them to go, even if they had potential.   As much as many Latinas would like to fully focus on education, it may be harder for them to do so if they have to work and attend college at the same time.

The most successful Latinas students are those whose parents can help them financially.  Accessing government programs that help low income families could help pay for some of college fees.

Additionally, without individuals to look up to and guide it may be harder for students to pursue a higher education.  If they are the only ones who have gone to school, they may have little understanding at home for this experience.  Latinas may lack not only on resources but also mentors and role models who would encourage them to continue with their education. 

In past research it has been shown that assistance from school guidance counselors and teachers is very important when it comes to students making a decision about going or not going to college.  Programs that would help parents understand the education school system would definitely have a positive impact on Latinas and Latinas parents.






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