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Can you be in a state of integrity all the time?

Dr. Karen Keller believes that in order for you to be a builder of trust you have stay in a state of integrity at all times.  Does that sound impossible?  So what does it mean to you to stay in a state of integrity?


When I realized that I needed lots of improvement in the area of integrity, it started with clean up of little daily things like changing my voicemail message to really tell the caller when I was actually going to return their phone call.  So it no longer stated “I’ll get back to you today” instead it stated “I’ll get back to you in 24 hours.  Another easy area to clean up was in being present to the person right in front of me. When my employees walked into my office I gave them all my attention, which meant putting the computer out of sight so I wouldn’t by the instant messages and emails coming in.  Moreover, the area that I most improved was around my word, if I promised to finished a deliverable on a certain date, I always had an excuse as to why it didn’t get done, but once I learned that people saw me as a person who didn’t keep her word, I knew I needed to change.  No, I didn’t stop making commitments, instead I made sure when I took on a commitment on that I was giving a real date that I could get it done.   And, if that commitment was not going to be met for very specific unforeseen incidents, the minute I knew was the minute I got on the phone to let the person know that I would not be able to meet the promised date, that’s integrity.  These few steps elevated me to a person whose word was “gold,” so much so that one day I heard a woman who takes care of my eyebrows calling people to remind them about their appointment, so I said to her “You never call me” and she immediately said I know you are going to show up.  Wow!

 Can you be in a state of integrity all the time?  Try improving a few areas of your life and you will begin to see the benefits of being your word and be known as a trustworthy person.


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