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An open letter to the new FUERTE cohort of 2017

An open letter to the new FUERTE cohort of 2017

Bienvenida FUERTE ladies! Be prepared to completely immerse yourself in a 10 week, transformational journey where the focus will be 100% on YOU.  Me? Si, tu.  If you haven’t realized it yet, it’s embedded in our culture to put everyone else’s needs before our own.  Our children, our significant others, our parents, our abuelitos, our siblings, and sometimes even our co-workers, will get the best of us before we have the energy or courage to invest in ourselves.  What about your needs? What about your growth? Academically, financially, professionally, personally.  Where do your priorities stand?

As of tomorrow, we know where you will stand. You will stand with the rest of us Latinas working hard to earn that college degree, and maybe English isn’t your first language, so you could be the first college graduate in your family.  You will stand with us Latinas who are eager to grow in our current position, but we’re not confident enough to ask for that raise and for recognition.  You will stand with us Latinas who are often immediately stereotyped because of the color of our skin, our last names, our accent, and because, well… maybe sometimes we are guilty of running on Latino time (we need to change that, btw). You will stand with us Latinas that are young mothers who often have a difficult time balancing work/life priorities.  You will stand with us Latinas who are emotionally and mentally overwhelmed by our families because being selfish, in order to better ourselves, is culturally frowned upon.

According the National Center for Education Statistics, Hispanic women earned 62 % of associate’s degrees, 61% of bachelor’s degrees, 64% of master’s degrees, and 55% of all doctor’s degrees awarded to Hispanic students between 2009-2010.  That’s a positive and steady uplift from previous years.

These achievements help in empowering and inspiring a younger generation of professional Latina women.  At FUERTE, we are 100% committed to providing you with the necessary support and advice to help you meet your goals and become the best version of yourself. Remember to always keep an open mind.  

Best of luck!

-The FUERTE Alumni Board