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Perception of Time

Perception of Time

The trouble is you think you have time
— Buddha

Most Latinos, if not all, have largely embraced religion with the firm belief that God is in control of their destinies. This sense of fatalism has a significant effect on the day-to-day behaviors of many Latinas even in the workplace. Because they believe that their fate rests solely in God's hands, many do not overly concern themselves with the future. We've all heard someone say "Pon todo en las manos de Dios y tus planes tendran exito".  In fact, what's happening right now is much more important than what will happen one hour from now.  For this reason, unacculturated Latinas working in the U.S. may not understand the importance Americans place on deadlines or being on time. The idea is that there is plenty of time to get things done or shall we call it "Latino time"?

In contrast to Americans, Latinas typically do not elaborately plan for the future. To a Latina, three to six months may seem like an eternity away. The time will never be JUST right. 




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