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Workplace Hierarchy

Workplace Hierarchy

According to the McKinsey & Company and LeanIn.org study, women are almost three times more likely than men to say they have personally missed out on an assignment, promotion, or raise because of their gender. Women think their gender provides them with fewer opportunities.

Women will earn less than a man, because they start behind and never catch up. A WAGE (Women Are Getting Even) project illustrated the following salary difference to demonstrate this gap. Tina and Ted graduate from the same university with the same degree but Ted is making $4000 more than Tina working the same hours and in the same type of job. Similarly, women are promoted based on performance while men are promoted based on potential.

How do we start changing these statistics and allow ourselves to fight to fill in the gap between our success in academics and the reality of the workplace? As difficult it is to think that we need to learn and play the workplace game THAT is exactly what we need to do to ensure we are moving forward. Negotiate your worth when starting a new job, build relationships/ network with colleagues that can become your sponsor within your organization, and most of all believe in yourself.





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